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Carol Costa Marshall

Dear Alluring India Team
I had to take the time out of my crazy busy day to write a review for this company Alluring India Destinations because when someone does a superlative job it needs to be recognized.

I have had the pleasure of using Alluring India's services on two different occasions while traveling in India. Truthfully both times were among the best services I have ever experienced! The customer service is unparalleled - prompt, gracious, with attention to detail. Accommodations chosen were fantastic and totally fit the bill. Transfer services were always on time and I was greeted with a smile and small amenities, not to mention that the vehicles used were comfortable and immaculate.

And when it comes to the head of the company, Deepak Modgill, I probably cant say enough about his level of passion and dedication to his job and his customers. Truly Deepak goes way above and beyond.

If you want to travel with a company who really understands the meaning of the words "customer service" and "value" then absolutely you want to travel with Alluring India Destinations!!
Many thanks

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