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Faith & Jamie

Dear Alluring Asia & Alluring India Team
Our trip was amazing! Actually totally flawless - I would say we would not have changed anything but actually I would have - we tried to do way too much and it was completely exhausting. In hindsight I wish we had eliminated southern India and just gone for three or four extra days in Bhutan - we regretted not having more time in Ganthey and wished we had gone to Bumthang.

Our guide and driver (Tashi and Dorji) were incredible - the accomodations were great (we loved Ganthey the best and were glad we did not stay at all Amans) - the OMA in Punnaka was our least favorite just because it was the most like a "normal" hotel anywhere. The food everywhere was incredible. We can't wait to go back - we hear the south will be amazing for animals as soon as they get some infrastructure built so please keep us in mind as you hear about things happening there.

We liked southern India a lot but it was just a lot to take on schedule wise - we obviously have to go back as it was just a taste. Hotels and guides were good - especially the young man who took us on the "slum tour" - we thought he was amazing. The Christmas Eve dinner they hosted for 150 people on the water was like something out of a movie - I am not sure I have ever been to a party with more food!

Everything went well with the transfer from Bhutan to Phuket - I was so glad we added something at the end of the trip because we were both so exhuasted but Phuket was a long way to go. The hotel was great although it seems insanely expensive for what it was compared with everywhere else we stayed during the trip.

Anyway, we had a fabulous time - every time we stepped off a plane there was someone there to greet us which was fabulous since many times it was late at night. Everyone was hugely helpful and Dan we were so happy we got the visas in advance it was a complete nightmare for people without them landing in Mumbai at midnight.

Thank you all for your wonderful help, advice and planning - you were a great team - as Jaime said to me when I was sad to be coming home on Friday, "we have to go home to start to plan our next trip!" I am focused on that and will be back in touch soon - thanks again!

Many thanks

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